Back to High-End Munich 2019

Hi-End Munich 2019 was officially opened on 2019/5/9.


This year, ESD Acoustic went to Munich Hi-End for the second time. “Dragon” and “Phoenix” played in two 45 square meters showroom respectively. Many media reporters, audiophiles and other audio brands came and enjoyed the systems.

Meanwhile, ESD Acoustic also displayed floor-standing horn speaker “Crane” system and field coil bookshelf speaker “Panda” system on the side.


Compare to the first time show in last year, this year ESD Acoustic bring us more systems and better sound quality. Joel Chevassus editor in chief of Audiophile awarded ESD as the best sound of show. It fully reflects ESD Acoustic’s powerful research and development and manufacture capacity. This rapid developing speed is very impressive.


In the end of exhibition, we opened a electronic music party with “Dragon”. It was a great fun!